Marigold Thermal & SPA Hotel

Sustainable Tourism


  • To set goals in line with our policies in accordance with Sustainable Tourism criteria by our management with the participation of our employees, to create actions to achieve these goals, to review them regularly and to provide the necessary resources,
  • To follow and fulfill the requirements of all applicable laws and regulations to which the hotel is subject,
  • Communicate effectively with all stakeholders on issues related to energy, water, natural resources, support of local suppliers, to create shared value and beneficial results,
  • To increase the efficiency of our operations by effectively managing the use of energy and natural resources,
  • Minimize the environmental impact of the materials and products we use, taking into account our impact on the natural environment and biodiversity,
  • Protect natural and cultural heritage,
  • Ensure equality without discrimination based on religion, sect, language, race, color, gender, marital status, political opinion, age, physical disability and similar reasons,
  • To prioritize the occupational safety and health of our employees and stakeholders,
  • To produce projects or support such projects for the development of the regions where our hotel is located, to increase the welfare level of the society, to move forward economically and socially, to act with a sense of social responsibility and to contribute to the development of society,
  • Raising awareness by supporting employees to volunteer in social and community activities in which they can take part,
  • Increase employment of local people and empower local people,
  • To increase our sustainability performance by working closely with our suppliers,
  • To regularly share our sustainability practices with our stakeholders in transparency,
  • To provide sufficient human, technological and financial resources to achieve sustainability goals and to use these resources efficiently,
  • To increase energy, water and Purchasing performance values including sustainability efficiency and intensity in all processes,
  • Zero waste, reducing waste, purchasing and supplying environmentally friendly and efficient products to reduce the use of chemicals,
  • To fulfill legislation and obligations in accordance with human health and human rights,
  • Increasing water conservation measures due to the growing global drought,
  • To ensure the protection of the natural habitats of all the living beings around the region and the hotel